Around Our Table

A modern heirloom recipe book
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Purpose of the book
To organize & preserve favorite family recipes all in one place.
When to get this book
This book can be picked up and started anytime.
Who writes inside
Anyone who wants to organize and preserve their most cherished recipes.
Duration of use
The book can be used for a lifetime, then it can be lovingly be passed down to future generations.
The HEART of the Book

Your family's most cherished meals deserve to be remembered. Preserve all of your favorite recipes, and the memories associated with them, in this heirloom-quality blank recipe book.

Around Our Table includes:

  • 138 Recipe Pages: Space to record prep time, serving size, ingredients, instructions, and memories or additional notes about each dish
  • Organized Dividers with Tabs: 7 sections broken up by food category to make it easy to find what you're looking for
  • 20 4x6 Index Cards: Write down recipes you might want to remove and share with others
  • Plastic Sleeves and Pocket: Additional space to save recipes that have been passed down or clipped out of magazines
  • Durable Cover: Stylish, yet sturdy, cover that is wipeable and will hold up in the kitchen
  • Beautiful Design: Classic artwork created by artist and author Korie Herold
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Around Our Table
A modern heirloom recipe book
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Wipeable Cover

Did you know the cover material is wipeable? We strayed from our beloved linen material covers for this particular book because we want you to USE it and not worry about staining it while cooking. The cover material has been lovingly chosen so it’s not only beautiful, but it’s something that will stand up to use in the kitchen.

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A modern heirloom recipe book
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