Why are there 2 spreads for the baby shower in as you grow?

Some mamas have multiple baby showers, so we wanted to accommodate that in As You Grow. If you have one shower, simply plan on removing the page that has the baby shower prompts on the front, and baby shower photo space on the back. This ensures you will keep the prompts on the alternate sides of the pages that aren’t about the baby shower.


Do you offer replacement pages?

At the time we do not offer replacement pages, but we are working on creating them in the form of downloads.


What pen should I use in these books?

We recommend a pen with archival ink so it won’t fade over time.


Can I share photos of your work?

Yes. We love and appreciate when people want to share this work, so long as they share with proper credit. When sharing, please include a link back to us. Please don't modify or abuse the work in any way and make things weird between us. That action would warrant an email to your from our lawyer. Just don't do it. Share with care. For further details on art sharing, please read our art disclaimer.