As We Grow

A modern memory book for married couples
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Purpose of the book
To document & preserve the story of married life together for future generations to enjoy and learn from.
When to get this book
Anywhere from getting engaged to being married for 50+ years. Prompts are memory and relationship based.
Who writes inside
A committed couple, whether they are engaged or already married.
Duration of use
The book can be used throughout the course of marriage and can be continually added to.
The HEART of the Book

In her second book, As We Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Married Couples, Korie creates a place to celebrate and remember the details of your marriage. Record the story of how you live and love and preserve it in writing—a treasure you can pass to your children and grandchildren.

The perfect gift for the newly engaged couple, the newly married couple, or those who have been married for years!

Highlights include:

How We Met, The Engagement, Guest Book for Wedding Day, Wedding and Honeymoon, The First Year, 15 Anniversaries, Beliefs, Traditions, & Holidays We Celebrate, Family, Vacations, and the Times That Shaped Us, along with Letters to Each Other.

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As We Grow
A modern memory book for married couples
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Instant Date Night

Want a date night idea with a great way to connect? Take your time writing your story together page by page in As We Grow. Don’t be surprised by all the warm, sentimental feelings it brings up in the process!

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A modern memory book for married couples
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