Grateful For You

A gratitude journal for parents to preserve memories and special moments
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Purpose of the book
To encourage your child to know how loved they are through your written gratitude for them over the course of their growing up years.
When to get this book
Anytime. I started a copy for each of my boys when they were 5 and 7 to give them when they graduate high school. You can start as early as birth or as late as you want — the intention is to fill up the pages with the gratitude you experience from watching your child grow.
Who writes inside
A parent, grandparent or caregiver.
Duration of use
However long you’d like to write in it before giving it to your child if you plan on doing so. Some parents use this book for their own enjoyment and keep it to hold onto long after their children leave home.
The HEART of the Book

Preserve everyday joys and memories that you can pass down to your child one day and capture memories for a lifetime!

Grateful for You is a unique heirloom gratitude journal for parents who want space to quickly write down special memories and stories documenting their life as a parent. Perfect for those who are busy or want something simpler than a traditional baby book, this beautiful journal was designed by bestselling author Korie Herold to give you space to record daily moments of gratitude.

Use these pages to remember the everyday miracle and memories that happen while you’re rocking your child to sleep, driving them to school, or laughing with them on the playground. On the good days and on the more trying ones, this journal will provide a moment of thanksgiving for you to focus on the positive and reflect on what you love about being a parent.

There is no right way to use this journal. You can use it casually over the years, or make it your goal to fill one up each year as you’re raising your child. Use this whenever you feel called or when you have something you want to remember.

Grateful for You provides additional space in the book to write a letter to your child, so that one day you can pass this keepsake book down for them to treasure forever.

Special features include:

  • Beautifully designed journaling pages accented with hand-drawn artwork
  • Elegant cloth cover with foil and deboss
  • Acid-free and archival paper
  • Ribbon bookmark to help you mark your place
  • Layflat design so you can easily write in your journal
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Grateful For You
A gratitude journal for parents to preserve memories and special moments
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Grateful For You is quite possibly the easiest memory book to fill out. The journal is undated so there’s no pressure on the frequency you write inside, and each entry has space for only a sentence or two. All you do is share what you’re grateful for that you experienced or witnessed with your child that day. That’s it. Now imagine a book filled with years of those sweet, mundane moments — that’s Grateful For You.

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A gratitude journal for parents to preserve memories and special moments
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