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Growing You

Growing You

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Your pregnancy story is a special one. Document your most precious moments from this season of life in this elegant keepsake journal and memory book.

Growing You is a place to celebrate and chronicle your pregnancy journey, reflecting on the growth, anticipation, and memories that you want to hold onto as a mother. This heirloom-quality book, created by the author of the popular baby book As You Grow, is designed with a timeless look and archival paper so that you can one day pass it along to your child.

Growing You includes:
    Space to journal your feelings and experiences about pregnancy and your birth story
    A section to document your prenatal appointments and growth
    Writing prompts to record precious milestones such as baby showers and prepping your nursery
    Pages to document your baby's birth day
    Pocket folder for sonogram photos, letters from loved ones, and other mementos
    And more!

Special Features:
    Chic, gender-neutral design
    Elegant linen cover
    Acid-free and archival paper
    Generous trim size offers ample space for photos
    Lay-flat design created by a beautiful gold spiral binding allows you to easily write in the book

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